Welcome to Barovia. This is a land of misfortune, mist, and malevolence. Under the guise of a strong and powerful ruler, a curse casts its dark shadow over this quiet valley. This is the Curse of Strahd.

Tol Thurol, a grey, old wizard with a quirkiness that masks brilliance. Gillian, an elven monk and devout of Sehanine Moonbow, who has ventured for the first time into the outside world only to find darkness; in more ways than one. Vargan, a half-orc fighter scarred by a past he hides behind gruff aggression. Carrion, a troubled young bard on a quest to replace his lost love, apparently, whose ashes he carries around in an urn. And then there is Klaus, a local of the village of Barovia and a holy warrior for the Morning Lord. These five seek answers.

What dark power brought them here?
How can they get out?
Where did Gillian’s eyes go?
Where do wereraven babies come from?
What are the mysterious secrets that will help them on their way?
Is this girl’s name Ireena or Tatyana?

Will any of them ever survive to see the Sword Coast again?

Who Ordered the Stake? - Misadventures in Barovia

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