Who Ordered the Stake? - Misadventures in Barovia

Day 1.5 - We're Joining a Cult
He is eternal. He is the land.

After much fumbling, Tol Thurol, Klaus, Vargan, and Gillian found their way to the attic, which to their surprise and confusion was home to the only entrance into the crypt of a basement that laid beneath the manor. Two doors in this long forgotten hallway greeted them. One housed the corpse of a nursemaid, stabbed in the heart. The other opened to the children, Rose and Thorn’s, bedroom.

Inside this room was a scene of eternal juxtaposition; the cheery, bright colored walls of a child’s room, a full-to-bursting toy box, the bricked up window keeping the children prisoners in this place, and the skeletons of said children, still dressed in fine clothing, laying in the center of it all.

The ghosts of the children appeared to welcome them, revealing what the party had suspected all along; that Rose and Thorn were indeed dead.

With the help of the children and a dollhouse example, the party was able to locate a secret door that led to a spiraling staircase to the basement.

Once in the crypt underneath the house, the party began to hear a strange, low, rumbling chant, “He is eternal. He is the land.”

Day 1 - Into the Mists

We open our adventure to find Tol Thurol, Vargan, and Gillian, a ragtag group of adventurers on their way to Waterdeep to meet a wealthy Dwarvish merchant named Gavin Rockseeker. Unbeknownst to them, their plans were about to be thrown to the wind…

On this evening in particular, the party had made camp for the night in a lonely, misty forest. What they didn’t know was that this mist had fingers, reaching out to take them to a dark realm.

The group woke up in the morning in a place entirely different from the one they set camp in the night before. A misty, grey, weeping wood surrounded them. With no direction, they set off down the beaten path.

The ominous unknown crept all around them, and before they knew it, they found themselves at a gate. The ancient doors groaned open without operators to welcome these three into the uncertain. To take the plunge into darkness.

Inside, the group stumbled upon Klaus Van UberBoner, a local holy man out on his daily patrol for rogue undead stalking the woods outside his village, Barovia. Not long after this, they find a corpse in the woods, carrying a letter written by Kolyan Indirovich. A dire message of despair if ever there was one…

Upon entering the Village of Barovia, with mist swirling around their ankles, obscuring all but the path in front of them, the four met two young children; Rose Durst and her little brother, Thorn. The children pled with the party to enter their house where a monster was lurking in the basement and their baby brother, Walter, was trapped. The party agreed in kind. Only to get themselves trapped inside the house with no escape.

The party proceeded to fumble through the house, knocking a possessed set of armor off of a balcony and meeting a crazed nursemaid ghost who declined to let them have the baby because it was HERS.

What fate, what terrors await the adventurers further into this hellish manison? Find out next time!


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