Klaus Van UberBoner

"Such a fine day in Barovia!"


Klaus is a devout follower of the Morning Lord, the god of light that has a divine presence in Barovia. He is also the resident Paladin of the town as well. As such, it is his duty to help with all church functions, and to also protect the town against all “un-holy” enemies. He is skilled with both physical combat, and also minor support spells.

He is tall at around 6’2" and also heavy, weighing in at around 220 pounds. Combined with his boisterous laugh and voice, he is quite an imposing figure at first. But those that know him best, know that he is a gentle giant…unless he is dealing with the undead. He also has a trimmed beard and semi-long hair that goes down to his shoulders.

He wears heavy chain mail armor, and is armed with a shield and one-handed warhammer. Both of which are decorated with symbols of the Morning Lord. He also has a blue traveling cloak which is attached to his armor, so that he may look less suspicious on the road.

painting of the Book of Light

Perhaps his most important is the holy book he always carries with him, the Book of Light. It contains all of the scripture and holy text relating to the Morning Lord. Klaus uses this book to cast restorative and holy magic to aid his friends in combat.

He may lack intelligence and grace, but his devotion to his deity is definitely a strength that makes Klaus a danger to all undead foes.


Klaus was born and raised in the small village of Barovia, a town that has been isolated from the rest of the town by the Curse of Strahd, which surrounds the town in eternal mist. The town has been like this for centuries, so Klaus has only ever known about Barovia and the neighboring towns of Valahki and Grist. Most Barovians, Klaus included, are not even sure if the outside world exists

A painting of Barovia

This has had a tremendous influence on how Klaus perceives and interacts with the world. Klaus is friendly to the few foreigners who happen to find their way into Barovia however.
He was born in UberBoner Manor, where Klaus’ ancestors have lived for the past 200 years. He was raised in the environment of the church at a young age, encouraged by his family to become a member of the clergy.

Klaus’ sworn enemy is Strahd von Zarovich, who has cursed Barovia, and terrorized its inhabitants with an eternal fog and many different types of undead creatures. Thanks to this curse, the citizens of Barovia have lived in fear for centuries. Additionally, Strahd has murdered Klaus’ fellow paladin bretheren, who used to help him guard the town.. This happened a few weeks before the beginning of the campaign.

Klaus has sworn to defeat Strahd and finally bring an end to the curse, so that Barovia can once more be a peaceful town, and to take revenge after Strahd has stolen everything but his faith from him. He has joined forces with some strange visitors from outside of Barovia; Tol Thorol the wizard, Vargan the fighter, Gill the monk, and Carrion the bard.

With their help, he may finally be able to save Barovia…

Klaus Van UberBoner

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