The Unfortunate


Before he could remember he was sold into slavery. At first they used him for menial labor or a beating stick, whichever was more “necessary” for his master. Then when he was old and strong enough they put him in the arena as a fighter. He fought a handful of years until he was finally able to buy his freedom.

After being free he worked as a hired hand or sell-sword, whatever he could do to get food and live. One day as he was following the tracks of pack goblins pillaging the farms of nearby farmlands of Daggerford, he heard screams coming from a house with a large barn. The tracks ran directly to the barn. Vargan ran a fast as he could and reached out to open the large wooden doors. What he found was 5 goblins readying to attack an older man with a younger woman standing in front protecting the old man. Vargan stepped up and took out 4/5 goblins and the woman took out one.

Vargan ended up helping the old man farm the land and take care of the animals for room and board. The old man’s name was Bartholomew Riverrun and his daughter was names Cecily. He worked the land for Bartholomew for 5 years until he passed away, from the goblin injuries. During that time he grew closer to Cecily, and married her right before her fathers death. She did not mind he was an orc.

He spent many years on the farm with Cecily and they ended up having a child named Tarloc. During this time Vargan became more religion and truly believed all was right in the world. He praised the god Tyr every day, until one night…


Who Ordered the Stake? - Misadventures in Barovia Relion