The Centipede Wars theory #1 (feat. The Beginning Theory #1)

Book I: Provenance

Long before the creation of the world, the realms, and even the gods themselves, there was only one. He was called Zackeriah. He had all the power he could ever have, do anything he could ever want. He could create worlds with just a thought in his imagination. Although he was omnipotent, Zackeriah felt empty.

“Whats the purpose of all this power, if I have none to share it with?” He said.
And from his sadness he conceived a plan.

Zackeriah took it upon himself and created the first two of five. Molded from his thoughts with pieces of himself, he called them Milesaro and Nickolei of the Spirits.
As time went on, they prospered from their shared accompaniment, but Zackeriah still felt emptiness within. Thus, along with the help of the first two, he created three others.
Their names were, Daveschko, Educko, and Mattelomo the King.
From the creation of these five beings, wondrous things happened.

Zackeriah with his mind created vast enormous worlds filled with wonder and excitement. All while he granted the others the ability to populate these worlds with strange beings both heroic and sometimes vile. Along with these worlds, they created what is now known as time. All six of them agreed that they did not want to abandon their creations but to be with them from time to time. So it was decided that once a week the six beings shall revisit their worlds and bring excitement to share.

In this new age of existence, the masses prospered and the populace lived in an age of harmony.

Book XXXVI: Book of Dave – Part I
[Present Time]

From living in this new age of happiness and peacefulness, many new worlds have been created. Milesaro found gifts that allowed him to create a world for himself as well as Nickolei recently starting with the inception of his own. With much excitement from the others, there was a grand stadium feast. Although, unbeknown to their knowledge.. part of this feast was tainted.. Because from all of the fruition and cheer must eventually come the time of repentance and sorrow…

On one frightful afternoon, the sky fell dark, the land was shrouded with clouds, for Zackeriah fell ill. The five others felt distressed and tried to find Zackeriah. But he was no where to be seen. And with one fateful message to the others. It was done.

Zackeriah could not leave his domicile to visit the worlds. Grievous storms swelled the land. Powerful gusts of winds penetrated the trees. Shattering lightning struck the grounds. The group could not rejoice in the heaving of the disks and here was a sour taste in the air. All five decided to group together to view a performance in honor of Zackeriah. Alas, only four of them could make it. Milesaro, Nickolei, Mattelomo, and Educko watched in amazement, a being known as Jessara of the Eisenberg, bringing hope to the tenacious reality, while also indulging in breweries to honor Zackeriah in his absence. All the while battling the terrifying being known as the Xenomorph in a daring attempt to fulfill an objective. The rise of this thing was clearly an omen as to what was happening to our creator…

Inside of Zackeriah, was a foul darkness. For the duration of one day, twisting and turning inside of his bowels were dark creatures lurking inside. Never has he felt such immense pain. His body started spurting out revolting acids that fell onto one of the worlds, wiping out all life from existence. He fought for hours trying to fend off the destructive forces but to no avail.
Little did he know what was causing these effects..

Book XXXVI: Book of Dave – Part II
[The First Centipede Wars]

Deep in the bowels of Zackeriah, were giant Chilopodas formed from the malice of intense indian food the night before. These Chilopodas from their inception, started picking inside his stomach. They grew to be hundreds in numbers all attacking the innards of Zackeriah, his defenses could not hold up the attack.

Thus the first Centipede Wars has begun….

Zackeriah was fending off the Chilopodas with all his might. Punching his stomach and trying to extract them to relieve the pain. The Chilopodas fought back stinging and biting inside his abdomen like a relentless hoard of pink blobs that mumble. They fought back in forth until Zackeriah created a magical potion named the Bismol of Pepto. He drank the whole bottle, and with one big heave from his mouth the toxic creatures were ejected from within.

Upon finding the hundreds of Chilopodas that were inside of him, Zackeriah felt angry with the creatures, and so he shrunk them down enormously and gave them one-hundred legs each to suffer on the terrain and punished them into the depths of a world to live underground for all of eternity.

“Now and forever you shall all be known as disgusting creatures named Centipedes and be repelled by everyone you meet.”
he said.

With no other options the hundreds of Centipedes left, banished into one of the worlds, inhabiting the wasteland and burrowing in the depths of the mantle hoping for a new beginning.

This version of the First Centipede Wars is short but it explains how centipedes came into fruition and how they were possibly the first inhabitants of the world. From here there were many other occurrences of other centipede wars following the story of a hero named click. But that is a story for another time.

Also I did this for fun because I couldn’t stop writing after I started my character bio lol.

The Centipede Wars theory #1 (feat. The Beginning Theory #1)

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